frequently asked questions

We ask that you please respect the earth, the plants, the animals, and the property while you are here.

This is our home and the garden is our grocery store!

When are you open?

We will open for the 2024 season on Thursday, June 27th!

Open days & hours are Thursdays through Sundays, 10am-6pm.

Watch for produce picking updates on Facebook.

Where do I park?

We have plenty of parking in our driveway.

What do you grow?

Just about every vegetable! We keep our Facebook page updated with what is currently ready to pick. 

In the future we will have more wildflowers and fruit trees, as well as lavender and lavender products to sell!

How much can I pick?

We ask you to pick only what you and your family need, so that we can feed everyone who visits! Donate what you can. There’s a donation box on the garden’s front fence.

Do you use chemicals?

No. All seeds that we use are NON-GMO and grown WITHOUT CHEMICALS!

What should I bring?

We have things like snips, baskets, and gloves, but feel free to bring your own! We also have bags to carry your food home, but again, please feel free to bring your own.

What should I wear?

Dress for the weather! Plan for outdoors… sunscreen, bug spray, boots, gloves, raincoat.

How do I know what to pick?

Just ask! We will have markers on what is ready to pick and what is still growing. If you don’t know how to harvest something, we can help!

RED markers mean stop. Do not pick. It’s not ready.

YELLOW means caution. Some are ready and some are not in this row. Ask for help.

GREEN means go! Pick here. All or most produce in that row is ripe.

What about Mondays?

Every Monday is reserved for special people with special needs. If this pertains to you, please contact us and we will schedule a time for you on Monday. Mondays are closed to the public for this reason.

Is the garden handicap accessible?

The yard and grounds are mostly level but still natural terrain and can be uneven in spots. We do have two golf carts to help access the acres of garden, flowers, and trails!

Do you have a restroom?

Seasonally we have a porta-potty with hand sanitizer available.

Can I bring my dog?

No. We ask that you leave your dog at home while visiting us, to respect your fellow visitors and the food we are growing. 

I have other questions!

Email us!

Or message us on Facebook.

pick what you need

pay what you can afford

be kind