Heather & Bill at Tranquil Acres
Heather & Bill

We have both always enjoyed time in nature, from little on. Being outside makes us feel grounded, peaceful, and happy.

We moved out to the Stelling Farm west of Tomahawk in November of 2020, with the intention of loving all of this peace and privacy in nature. We planted a garden, and it grew so much we were giving produce away. A storm tore our old garden apart and we had to start from scratch, so we thought…

…let’s build a big, community garden, and create a safe, peaceful, green space where everyone is welcome.

Our goal was to create a safe space in nature, where everyone was welcome, and where everyone could have access to healthy affordable food. This is very personal and important to us, because at different times along the way of life, both of us have experienced going without and not having enough.

Now Tranquil Acres is also a place where people connect with each other (share recipes, talk about the good ole days, help a gardener through a tough day), connect with nature (pick your own produce, walk the nature trails, bring a blanket and a cooler and have a picnic, listen to the sounds of nature, watch the birds) and reconnect with where our food comes from (digging for potatoes, watching the carrots grow and grow until they are finally ready, eating cherry tomatoes and peas and beans while you are in the garden).

Back in the day, grandparents and great-grandparents had big family farms, and people ate real food. Healthy food. Chemical free food.

So we created Tranquil Acres for all of those reasons: Connecting people with each other, nature, and their food. Non-GMO seeds producing food with NO CHEMICALS… that EVERYONE can afford! It doesn’t get any purer than eating it on the day you picked it!